A Writer’s Affirmation. Sort of.

Don’t become a writer. Ever. Don’t put yourself through the pain. Don’t make yourself grow skin so thick or a mind so cynical. Don’t do it when you can do something else. If there’s anything else you want to do, I recommend doing that. Because it’s almost certain to be a path of less resistance than that of being a writer. Because nearly every path is. This is a horrible thing to be stuck with.

What, you were expecting to be coddled? To have your hand held and your ego stroked? You came to the wrong place. Give up now. Do yourself that favor. For me. I’m fucking begging you. Avoid the rejections. The countless people you’ll have to explain it to. They’ll never get you anyway. you know that, right? So why would you want to do something if they won’t get it? They can’t possibly. They’ll wonder why you’re not like the rest. And they’ll be right that you’re not normal. So why?

Writing is not something you do for fun. Writing is not something you dabble in. Do it with your whole heart or fuck off, because that’s the respect it deserves. It deserves all of you. Just like everything does. If you’re planning on phoning it in, then quit now while you still have some shards of your sanity to hold onto. It won’t hurt as much. Trust me. Nothing in my life has ever been so painful as writing. And yet–

Don’t write because you want to. Most days I really fucking don’t want to. I hate it most days. I give my laptop mean looks and I swear at it a lot for no apparent reason. It isn’t its fault when I’m having a shit writing day. But it’s the only thing I have to take it out on. Doing so to humans is generally frowned upon. But as a writer, polite society shouldn’t mean jack shit to you, darling. Because if they can dissuade you from writing, you probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Take up knitting instead. It’s less trying.

But there are some of you masochists who continued to read because you know you aren’t going to stop. Something to be said for stubbornness, if nothing else. Don’t write because you want to. Write because you can’t not write. Write because it’s the only way you can feel like you’re doing what you have to do. Like you don’t have anywhere else better to be. Because maybe you’re right. Write because you are a writer. No matter what those people say. They’ll either destroy you or they’ll baby your ego. Either way, have no time for them. If you can find someone in the middle, keep them. If you can’t, well you don’t really need people all that much anyway.

You, my love, are good enough to do this. You can and will write whatever you want to write. Whenever you want to fucking write it. You can write it for yourself. You can write it for someone else. But you can write. And you have to write, whether you really want to or not. Your stories matter. Your voice matters. You matter. No matter literary or genre. Short or long. You have to write. And you can’t stop. No matter what people say or think. If you have to write, you can’t stop. Ever.


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